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The Lowest Price Guarantee

At ToyOverstock we base the majority of out success on the notion that we provide the lowest cost products to the end customers. We feel so confident in providing great prices that we incorporated a price match gaurantee. If you find a better price at any retail store we will honor it, up to 15 days after your purchase.

How can we do that, you may ask. We have specialized relationships with multiple large toy suppliers. These suppliers provide products with some of the largest retail chains in America. Supplying products to a huge corporation, such as Dollar General, makes sales forcasting very tough for manufactures. Being the competitive atmosphere of todays business market, if suppliers are incapable of meeting these large retail stores demands, they might as well lock their doors and start looking for a new job. With this highly demanding way of business comes only one way for suppliers to keep their heads above water. This is to over estimate future orders. With this method of meeting demand leaves huge quantities of unsold inventory. Inventory that is too expensive to store. This is where we come in! ToyOverstock is under contract to receive all excess amounts of certain products from specific manufactures. There are times, however, when suppliers estimate demand accurately. For this reason, in our contract with these suppliers, we are given the ability to purchase a definite specified quantity of each product each month. In the end, this relationship has both good and negative affects for suppliers however, one thing is for certain, it creates a fantastic deal for our customers every time!


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